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Does anyone know the name of this fic?


It’s a thorki mpreg fic, where Loki ends up pregnant, I can’t remember how exactly but he wasn’t happy about it. The baby kept using his magic, and he intended to die after having the baby, because he didn’t think he would survive the birth. Pretty sure the Avengers were there, and Loki disappears until he goes into labor where he teleports to Thor begging for help.

Any ideas? Please and thank you!

Hi! Could this be the fic you’re looking for? Eight Months of a Century


And a hidden smirk was playing along her lips, like a secret as she thought of Ron’s departure that rainy night. Her brain was screaming exhaustively about his betrayal but her heart swelled. She didn’t really know why. But the lingering vanilla-scented perfume that clung to Harry’s worn out plaid shirt wrapped around her loosely may have been a reason for that smile.

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